And Love Has Vanished

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And Love Has Vanished

Past is always past
Life is even hard
Though there is still memories
Love and hatred have owned hearts

Only yesterday is broken
Tomorrow can be woven
Let the message of each other
Float like the feather

Love likes a puzzle
Evoke eyes’ ripple
Easy to bury sorrow
Difficult to lose you

Fake remove you from my heart
True engrave as god
Something stubbornly exist
No efforts may lustrate

‘Cause my daydreaming
In this dream you coming
Lost in the tender river
Drift by your cover

No linger on my deep
feeling, sensing in wrong timing
Enchanting future, no greeting
Slipping words please, no caring

Why don’t you comprehend
Love coexists with ache
There will be a day
When it’s usual, we’re so far, far away

Time flicks ear
I fear my endless tear
Forget me to relieve pain
Leave love gone with wind